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Los Angeles Botox

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Los Angeles Botox- Your skin and the environment in Los Angeles are at war! Los Angeles Botox is one of your weapons.

So many celebrities have gotten Botox in the Los Angeles area we now call it "Los Angeles Botox" or "L.A. Botox" at Next Salon, 2400 Main Street in Santa Monica, California 90405 at 310-392-6645.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. The smog, Ultra Violet (UV) and natural sunlight are allied in a conflict against your skin.

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Most have heard of Botox Treatments. However, many do not understand what it actually entails.

Some of my clients asked if Los Angeles Botox would be good for them. They also asked about Botox Alternatives like my European Los Angeles Facial Rejuvenation Treatments.

This article is designed to help my clients and my readers decide if Botox or a Botox alternative is right for them.


Botox is basically a type of cosmetic procedure where a protein derived from botulism toxin is injected into a person’s skin in order to minimize or smooth out any evident lines or wrinkles.

Botox actually paralyzes the muscles giving the recipient a clean, smooth facial appearance. This is a short term solution lasting up to three months.

Botox, or botulinum toxin Type A, is the product made by the bacteria that cause botulism. The preparation used for Botox injections is free of harmful bacteria so it cannot cause illness.


The big city image of beauty has changed drastically. The pressure on women to display a youthful appearance in Los Angeles, Orange County and Beverly Hills, California with Botox and other Los Angeles skin care treatments is rather intense.

In general people expect to stay beautiful even past middle age. Nowadays Los Angeles Botox is simply considered a rather regular procedure.

Botox is something which has become very popular, especially over the last decade or so. The number of Botox treatments in Los Angeles has dramatically increased. The treatment is not complicated and is very profitable for doctors.

Therefore a number of doctors from non plastic surgery practices have obtained the training, been certified and now offer it. But is it for you?

Let's talk about the treatment.


Using a fine needle, Botox is injected into the skin or directly into the muscles that are creating the facial wrinkles. The procedure takes only a few minutes, and no anesthesia is necessary.

In fact, because there is no recovery time involved, Botox injections are sometimes called a “lunchtime” procedure.


1. Although Botox is cheaper than having an actual face lift done, there are certain risks and complications that are possible as with any type of procedure, such as having an allergic reaction to it.

2. Because it numbs the muscles, it can cause the appearance of surprise or make it look like the recipient has a permanent frown. However these types of side effects will not last long.

3. This procedure may not be for you if you are someone who takes antibiotics regularly. Antibiotics put you more at risk for an adverse reaction to the product. Consequently Los Angeles Botox would not be advisable for health and safety reasons.

4. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are also advised to postpone doing this type of procedure. Los Angeles Botox treatment should be delayed at least until their little ones are no longer dependant on their mothers' for nutrition.

5. Overall doctors say the risks and discomfort of Botox injections are considered minimal. You may experience temporary redness, bruising or stinging around the injection site(s).

6. In rare cases, you could have a slight eyelid droop for several days or weeks after the injection. All reported side effects of Botox injections have been temporary.

We are not doctors so you must consult yours before any Los Angeles Botox injections.


My European Los Angeles Facial Rejuvenation Treatments are one option if any of the risks listed above apply to or concern you.

We use Lucrecia and Aveda as anti aging skin care products in Los Angeles to minimize the effects of smog, UV and natural sunlight on your skin.

If you don't like needle injections a visit to my Esthetician is a more pleasant botox alternative.

Stop! Think about this. You'll save money with my Los Angeles Esthetician when compared with the cost of Los Angeles Botox.

Call me now at 310-392-6645 if you are not ready for Botox injections or cost. We'll give you a FREE consult. We'll suggest Los Angeles skin care actions that may delay or eliminate the need for Los Angeles Botox.

Now, while you are thinking about it, come visit my Esthetician Los Angeles at Next Salon, 2400 Main Street in smog free Santa Monica, Ca 90405 or call us at 310-392-6645.

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After you book your appointment with us at 310-392-6645 you may not need Los Angeles Botox.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Los Angeles Botox huh Noori?

I've got to admit I've been thinking about Los Angeles Botox and a Botox Alternative.

Your new article is right on the money.

These new wrinkles have got to go!

Noori, I'll see you soon to discuss the pros and cons of a botox alternative and Los Angeles Botox.

Jessica L.

October 17, 2006 at 6:19:00 AM PDT  

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